Why FAIRplay Linkshell is broken

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Why FAIRplay Linkshell is broken Empty Why FAIRplay Linkshell is broken

Post  icephase on Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:56 pm

Many of the Quests and items people have been needing.... require trusted and organized teamwork.

Many people complain about shells having favoritism where selected people get everything and others get nothing.

So we aimed to provide help and fairness in the game ... enabling you to get maximum enjoyment and reach those goals you need - together

However there are alot of members who have decided to do most of their pops and fights with other linkshells and without event bothering to attend our events.

The more people I recruited.. the less numbers were interested in doing these things together.

Several members preferred to do their own big events OUTSIDE of the shell... without even helping each other in fairplay...or offering to others within our shell...instead...using fairplay as a platform to use the people in it..for events from other linkshells they had belonged to..

A large percentage of members were doing this....meaning no activities for us.. as their interests were disloyal.

If i was to kick those members we would have ended up with about 7 members in the shell.

Also endgame leaders were poaching members constantly within our shell.

Leaving our numbers low week after week... I have a guess that this was happening via someone in the shell pearling them privately.

I can't operate a shell with these issues..as they cannot be repaired.

I hope you'll find a better shell... and all the best.

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